While most people think of Lake George as a summer town we forget the beauty of the area in the winter.    Here are photos taken around the resort in the last few weeks.  Not too bad, huh?


This first photo was taken on a very chilly morning in early January.  The temperature when the photo was taken was -9 degrees!



This was taken looking at the Boathouse from the grassy area near our pool.   Again, it was on that VERY chilly morning.



Another shot looking towards the south.  The sun was trying to get up warm things a little.


Here is a similar shot of the beach on a much warmer (and brighter) day!



Looking towards the south on a nice sunny day!



Guess I am not the first person to walk out on to the dock!



Looking towards the north.  The mountains look beautiful with a dusting of snow on them.



The Boathouse


The Lodges.  The snow on the ground really brings out the blue sky!



As you can see Lake George isn’t too shabby in the winter months too!   The resort itself is closed for the winter but we do have condo rentals available in our Oak Tree Lodge.   Please call us at 800-853-1632 for details!