Chef Paul “Paulie” Kuntz

Paul was born in Buffalo, NY to European Parents.   His family moved to Queensbury, NY where Paul graduated high school in 1983.  He started in the restaurant business working as a dishwasher in 1979 at The Red Wheel Restaurant.   He thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and quickly decided that this was the business he wanted to be in.

Paul has worked in the area for over 33 years in many beloved local restaurants such as Coachhouse, Danahy’s, and Emporium.  He started his cooking career as an Assistant Chef in 1986 and quickly was promoted to head chef.   Although Paul has no formal training, he has had the opportunity to work with many talented chefs and cooks.   He is a very humble person and he would say that he is more of a cook than a chef.  People who know him and his talent, however, would say otherwise.

Chef Paul has worked at The Boathouse Restaurant on Lake George as the Head Chef for the past 9 years.  Paul prides himself on his old fashioned recipes and tremendously enjoys what he does. He specializes in American cuisine with a touch of International flair.  He is also an accomplished baker and prepares most of the desserts and bread for The Boathouse Restaurant.

Paul is always happy to share his knowledge and services with others and the community. Every summer Paul mentors foreign exchange students, as well as local high school students, interested in the culinary arts. In his spare time he enjoys playing golf, tending his garden, and entertaining friends and family. Each spring Paul travels to the West Coast, including Hawaii, to broaden his culinary knowledge.