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Vacation Homes: Lake George Ownership Is a Smart Economic Decision

When it comes to lakefront vacation homes, Lake George NY is in a class all by itself… beautiful, easily accessed, and located in a region with countless opportunities for family summer vacation fun. Now, ownership of a townhouse at The Lodges at Cresthaven is affordable – owning your own Lake George real estate is your hedge against “vacation inflation” in the Adirondacks! As a Lake George vacation home owner, your getaway destination is covered… no more worrying about hotel and dining expenses, crowded parking lots, availability and over-crowded hotel rooms.

Ownership allows you to concentrate on what you really want to do, making lifetime memories on Lake George! Log cabins with all the modern luxuries – what else can you enjoy “pre-paid”… for life?  Compare the cost of Lake George vacation rentals for one week a year at the current daily hotel rate, and see what you would spend over the next 10, 20 and 30 years. See for yourself how ownership of vacation homes in Lake George makes smart economic sense!

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Estimated Nightly Hotel Rate: $350.00

After 10 Years: $586.40/night | Per Week (7 Days): $4,104.81 | For a Total of: $33,281.10
After 20 Years: $955.19/night | Per Week (7 Days): $6,686.31 | For a Total of: $87,492.51
After 30 Years: $1555.90/night | Per Week (7 Days): $10,891.29 | For a Total of: $175,797.19

Assumptions: Our calculations are based on a 5% inflation rate per year.**
Premier resort rentals in the Lake George area charge an average combined lodging room tax of 8%.
Actual rates may vary.

Compare those rates of your typical hotel stay in Lake George to what you will pay when you decide to become an Adirondack lodges vacation home owner. Basic packages are available for our vacation homes. Lake George townhouses which would consist of a 3 week interest. The price range for 1 fixed week in the summer and a rotating week in the spring and the fall is $45,000-$79,000. The fixed weeks in August start at $66,000 per share.

Current Lodge Availability (subject to change):

Lodge 1 | 21 Week Ownership | $805,000
Lodge 28 | Complete Ownership (30 weeks) | $450,000
Lodge 31 | 12 Weeks (4 Weeks in Spring, Summer, Fall) | $238.000
Lodge 28-44 |  3 Week Interest | $41,000-79,000

After initial purchase of the townhouse, you will have annual common fees of approximately $3,000/yr per 3 week share. This will cover everything from utilities, property taxes and future replacement or furniture.

It’s easy to see how ownership of a Lake George vacation home at The Lodges at Cresthaven represents a smart financial investment. Now is the perfect time – contact us for more information, and explore whether investing in our Lake George Hotel and Resort is right for you. One thing you can count on: the Adirondacks and Lake George will always be a beautiful vacation destination, especially if you are in your very own vacation home. Whether you’re new to The Lodges at Cresthaven, or have enjoyed our Lake George vacation rentals in the past, come see why we offer the most desirable and affordable vacation homes Lake George has to offer!

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