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30 05, 2014

Boat Washing on Lake George


As some of you may have heard in previous years, Lake George, like many lakes in the United States, was experiencing problems with invasive species.   The Asian clam, watermilfoil, zebra muscles and the spiny water flea are just a few that have plagued Lake George.    Since the waterways are connected it opens the door for the species to spread.   In order to gain control over the problem Lake George is taking a HUGE step in avoiding these invaders and requiring Mandatory Boat Washing for all watercraft being launched into the Lake George waters.   You can find out information here. Beginning [...]

26 05, 2014

Unobstructed views at The Boathouse


During the winter months we are always doing something. You would think since we work so hard throughout the open season that we may just kick our heels up and relax... no way! One of the projects from the 2013 / 2014 winter was to take the old deck railings from The Boathouse Lakeside Terrace off and replace them with tempered glass railings. The glass railings have really made a difference in the space, the views are not blocked in any way! Here are a few "before" photos followed by the "after" shots! Here are the before (very nice but [...]


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